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the app to elevate the art of friendship.

ignite the power of kindness as you reach into the

moments of friends’ lives and spark joy.



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at Mom Badge we visually highlighting the moments that come together to create the beautiful experience of motherhood, we are here to help you be a good friend.

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here for all the tiny moments

Welcome to Mom Badge!

we believe in the power to honor mothers in the everyday, raw, beautifully real moments of motherhood.

What's most personal is most universal.

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The Mom Badge App


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A mom's work can feel invisible. A Minnesota-made app rewards that mettle

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“Motherhood, and even just life, can feel lonely at times and even when we know we have great friends it can be hard to reach out. Mom Badge is the safest, easiest and quickest way to send deep support to a friend and for friends to send love back.”

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Hi, I'm Rachel!

I am a mom of four. I created Mom Badge from my daily experience as a mom. I have worked full time, part time, and been a stay at home mom.

I've come to realize that being a mom takes everything. I give so much to my kids in thousands of moments each day, some that I choose, most that I don't. In these moments of offering myself I have found a strength and empowerment and on the other side a stronger and more beautiful (even if more tired) version of myself.

Being a mom has also been isolating and overwhelming at times. I have truly found that it is often a small thing that helps lift me out of the lowest moments. A friend sharing a similar experience, a listening ear, laughing at how crazy my experience was, or a kind word when things are just really hard.

I decided to create Mom Badge because I wanted to build a simple tool for other people to reach out to moms in the moments of their lives. Whether it is to celebrate the good they are doing, how much they are giving or helping to carry them through the hardest days.

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How the Badges are Made

It all begins with an idea and a sketch.

Each badge is hand embroidered.

And then rendered digitally to become the badge you see in the app.

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"What if when you

became a mom

instead of losing ​yourself

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you F O U N D yourself ?"